We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable people and our exceptional service, they are the engine of our company. Every day they help clients achieve more through IT transformation. Today, Wovercloud Cloud Solutions is one of the most awarded IT companies in Canada.

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Business IT Infrastructure

Business IT Infrastructure

Using industry-standard tools and well-defined processes, Wovercloud Cloud Solutions can centrally manage your entire ICT infrastructure regardless of location or time of day. This is complemented by specialist technicians providing onsite operational support as required.

Wovercloud Cloud Solutions IT infrastructure services are custom-tailored based upon your business needs. Our IT infrastructure services align network architecture and end-to-end communication, to ensure your company has the best IT solutions built by certified technology experts. We provide small, midsize and enterprise size businesses with scalable support services both onsite and remotely.

We provide expertise in emerging technologies development and solutions architecture.

Developing enterprise applications with large data sets and complex workflows.

Product development experience from concept to MVP to market adoption.

Our custom enterprise IT infrastructures streamline the administration of day-to-day user management, access and security protocols and other enterprises' IT services.

We also perform various database services, large-scale backup and recovery, server configuration, and network administration tasks.

By incorporating technology and process improvements we add further value to your workflow by enhancing its efficiency. Our team does a thorough evaluation of your IT infrastructure to identify areas for improvement.